Funny Business.

Being both a professional designer / illustrator  and a satirist I think I have a unique perspective of this business and lots of (mostly true) stories to tell. Here are just a few insights and musings on how funny this business can be. Enjoy!


Dr. Know

Today I discuss the different types of clients and how you, as fellow designers, can use some humor in identifying who's on your side, who's on your back and who's on the fence.


A Rock and a Typeface

What does a rock and branding have in common? Come smell what I have cooked up this week in my blog!


Snickels and the Bandit

Travel back with me to my first job and learn how a diabolical pair became a lesson in job satisfaction and the joys of telling a good story.


Winner Winner, Cheesesteak Dinner

The 2017 Pepperpot Awards for The Philadelphia Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) were held this week. So, how did I do?


The Devil and the Details

It's the holidays and I've got something to share with you. Don't worry it's not contagious.








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Funny Business.