Bandura Systems Case Study


Earlier this year I was approached by the marketing team at Bandura Systems to assist in their corporate rebrand. With just a simple logo at this early stage, Bandura was eager to get their branding together before they went public to clients, vendors and the general public.


Having had several meetings with the marketing team and directors, it was clear that the current brand they were using wasn't functional or unique to position them as a major player in the computer security sector.


My guidance to evolving this logo was:

  • Keep the globe in the "D" (as you can see, it gets lost in scale).
  • Lose the EASY OPEN SECURE tagline
  • Add "systems" to the title


Bandura was very open to any other suggestions as long as I stuck to their main directives and gave them a few options to consider. I began the project by trying to figure out how to incorporate the globe inside the D. It didn't take long to figure out that this was impossible. By scaling down some of my best attempts, the globe was unrecognizable. As a designer, I never like to go back the he client with a problem - unless I have a solution.


I presented several concepts to the team at Bandura, along with the idea of breaking out the globe - or mimicking its curve to give the impression of the Earth. I explained how these concepts could be used across multiple digital and print mediums and how the defining globe element could be used as part of their overall brand.


Of course, I had a favorite. A brand that was strong, cross-compatible and was eager to be used in printed material, social media interactions and digital campaigns. When a client likes what you like it sets a precedence of mutual creative understanding and trust. Simpatico - we were all on the same page.


The new Bandura Systems logo is a visually-dynamic brand that incorporates the curvature of the Earth as a strong design element and gives the impression of protection and security. The deep blue also complements the message of security, provides a corporate feel and allows for some great flexibility when dealing with a secondary color palette. Below are examples of how the branding works to provide "protection" around the core message and call to action.


Almost 6 months later, Bandura Systems is now completely consistent with their branding, marketing and messaging. I created a corporate style guide, designed templates for data sheets, created market-specific mailing campaigns, implemented image direction, visualized tradeshows, provided art direction for their website and assisted in copy writing. Thanks to my efforts and collaboration, Bandura has propelled their sales, created awareness and focused their messaging. Through consistency in marketing collateral, product design and digital campaigns, my creative concepts are being implemented and are now the foundation of this company's success moving forward.


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Exploring an Evolution.

Original Logo

Logo Concepts

Final Logo

Supported Product Branding

Emphasized Product Branding








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