About me

I am a 40-something ex-military turned Harford County Suburbanite that somehow found the cure for ADHD and insomnia as a family man and graphic designer.

I love daring designs, unusual art and making people laugh. My perverse sense of humor, observational wit and illustration skills even landed me  a spot in Mad Magazine, where after 12 years I've embraced my title as one of the UGOI (Usual Gang of Idiots).

On the serious side, I am fascinated by the visually-saturated world and love to explore how my client's vision and message can engage, educate and entertain through all of the white noise.

At the end of the day, I  suppose I just want to make the world more interesting.


Now, let's talk about you!



"Garth's contributions to MAD have helped define the magazine for a new generation".


Tom Richmond

Freelance Humorous Illustrator


"Garth is one of the most talented and creative graphic designers I have ever worked with. In the security space, where dull imagery is the norm, Garth had the ability to think outside of the box and design creative campaigns that really captivated our target audience. Some of our most successful tradeshows and advertisements were a direct result of his talent. Garth was a pleasure to work with, always entertaining, and highly effective."


Trisha Paine

Chief Marketing Officer at ConnectYourCare


"I have had many graphic designers and production professionals on staff to me, I have never had a more complete or talented graphics and production manager than Garth Gerhart. During my years at SafeNet, Garth became a one-man graphics and ad machine: not only could he design and lay out ads in all media, he could write them as well. It's not an exaggeration to say that Garth's work saved SafeNet hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising creative and production over the years. On top of that he was a "quick study," he could produce very quickly, and always had good ideas or changes. I cannot say enough about his work or his work ethic while in my employ."


Ian Dix

Vice President, Business Marketing at CenturyLink




Justin Timberlake










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